Pippa Neve – Natural Healer


Face to Face and Online Healing Sessions available.  Please email for details and to book.


Pippa is a highly experienced and accredited, intuitive natural healer, meditation guide and Indigo Essence practitioner, running a successful practice in Lilyfield, in Sydney’s inner west.

Pippa also works with clients internationally online via Zoom or via distant healing.

Bespoke treatments based on knowledge and expertise.

Pippa’s knowledge and expertise can help you deal with:

  • Trauma / loss / grief
  • Relationship issues
  • Mental and emotional well-being

Pippa’s approach to healing is heart centred and guided by a true affinity with people’s emotions. Her passion is to help you (re)gain your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Pippa treats clients of all ages, from all walks of life with many different needs. She also works with children, is a trained educator and holds natural practitioner qualifications.

Energy healing is one of the most effective ways of releasing old emotions stored within the physical body.

While modern medicine deals with the physical aspects of healing, energy or spiritual healing can help release the emotional charge behind your health concern. The benefits are far-reaching, with many clients noting a sense of lightness, calmness and stillness. You may experience a renewed sense of power to engage with life, and the curve balls it throws at us, in the most positive way.

Helping you smile from the inside out.

Pippa can help you with healing old pains, hurts and traumas that you have been holding in your physical body, enabling you to open your heart and connect once again on a soul level.

Rebalance your energy levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Live your best life. And live it for you!

Take the first step. Give Pippa a call for a confidential chat and check in.  We are all entitled to live our best life. But we could all use a little help, every once in a while, to help us do just that.

To make an appointment

Please call Pippa on 04 2451 8884 or email: pippaneve@icloud.com.

Pippa Neve - Healer


Meditation with Pippa Neve


Indigo Essences

Indigo Essences